Lead Interior Designer

Since 1997, I have approached interior design with a completely client-focused approach. This, along with our unique personal style is just one of the many reasons why we are such a popular and inspiring Interior Design Firm with satisfied clients across Ventura, Santa Barbara and LA Counties.

Combining my passion for great design, art and architecture, I have developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet functional spaces for all styles of design. 

I graduated from UCSB in Interior Design and have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication from Antioch University. I have been doing interior design for over 25 years. I reside in Ventura, Ca with my family.  

I am an artist at heart who loves to create beauty in all forms. I love all things nature related, being in the outdoors, animals, kids, travel, cooking and spending time with loved ones.

I believe that your environment should be your own personal sanctuary. It should reflect you and who you are and it should feed your soul. I am dedicated to helping my clients create that space, listen to you and your needs and come up with creative and aesthetic solutions for those needs. 

Contact Penny Lane Designs today to learn how I can transform your space into your dream interior.